Orienteering Race



Trainings are scheduled on-demand.

Additionally, you may take part in the training of the skiing section.

Contact Person

Renate Tröße, ✉ troesse-ilmenau@t-online.de, ???? +49 1516 2403853

Target Audience

Beginners, Advanced, Competition

Orienteering race is about finding special check points which are depicted on a very detailed map. These check points shall be reached as fast as possible. You are equipped with just this map and a compass – no GPD device. It is up to the player to find the best way to the check points. This way you will train your body (endurance, physical strength, co-ordination) as well as your mind (reading maps, get a feeling for distances, tactics). This outdoor sports performed in the nature is suitable for young and old. Hence it is a very family-friendly type of sport.

We have already created several maps for orienteering race for the surrounding of Ilmenau. We take part in competitions and also organize them by ourselves. And last but not least: We appreciate the comfortable get-together.